You’ve Got Questions, I Want To Get You Answers

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I’m trying out the new micropodcast app called Anchor and one of its coolest functions is the ability to have people “call in” to my station. For me, I see it as a way of curating questions that people have that I can get answers to – especially from the epicenter of intelligence that is the Harvard Graduate School of Education (or really, other schools within the Harvard system too).

My first draft microcast is embedded below and relates a personal anecdote that’s about 5 minutes long. If you like it or would like more, I’d love to hear from you. But what I’d really like is to get your questions so I can find answers for you. Since leaving active teaching two years ago, one of the things I miss the most is the curiosity that powered every class. If you share a question with me, it’ll help me feel a little bit of that old magic and I’d be so grateful to you.



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